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independent activities and neural mechanisms, none the less

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newer antipsychotics and glucose metabolism a comparison between olanzapine and risperidone

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(Plate XX, Fig. 1). Much larger specimens may, however, also

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in a person of middle age presenting the signs of sclerosis of the aortic

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exercise of the paralyzed muscles whenever the conduction of volition is not

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artery was ligatured in the third part of its course ; slipping

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Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology, Pan-American Oph-

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uterus, under favor of their peculiar spiral extremities, and

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77, or 38 per cent, were from cases of lobar pneumonia, 5 from post-

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the prostatic urethra and consequent exaltation of the

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of the glands of a fibrinous material which fills and dis-

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mixed in Wright's tubes and examined microscopically after 15 minutes at room

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These symptoms, however, were not so severe as to prevent him from walking around and

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1897 ; 3" Journ. de clin. et de th^r. infan.," 1897.

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parts itch intolerably, especially when warmed by the

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ciency of the internal recti besides those commonly used. I am never sat-

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to one oblique diameter of the superior strait, the biparietal to

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of the fascia with the point of my knife. I gradually sink my instrument

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remarked that the men who are attacked are chiefly the " bagmen " — that

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atrophy, the origin of which he traces to the influence

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origin are not so marked, and consist mainly in loss of

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Of all the complications of gastroptosis atony is the

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very low grade, may change a person of even normal nervous habitus

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hence the observer must palpate the heart, and not the radial pulse, while

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