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second, and t^ird stages. Except ip double pneumonia, the death rate wa.<« small. Aboot
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cannot be aroused ; twitching of tendons and picking of bed-clothes. Bowels obstinately
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tion of the department was all that could be desired, and the mortality of
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mucus formation is abundant, astringent injections, as solutions of
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continuous micturition associated with these conditions.
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chloroform had been given unmixed with atmospheric air.
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hotter also as well as the moister; and under the agency of a high
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Abdomen. — Peritoneum normal. Stomach and intestines distended with
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• Bruggiser {Carres. Bl. f. Schweiz Aertze, Nov. 15, 1900) gives
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the patient the impression that the treatment is doing
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preserved intact, as was also the posterior extremity of the angular gyrus. The
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rhage sufficient for the application of the escharotic,
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Physician to the Mercer House for Invalid Women, and Gynecologist
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ver continuously for fifteen years and enjoyed a wide
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fourfold and more. And the employees' delegates on the
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Before entering on this subject let us briefly consider the subject
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corns should be trimmed close or scraped with a piece of glass ; soft
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malady, and, I believe, to its constitutional origin in
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years. They ate in common, using a very frugal diet, and
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the inhalation of which should be permitted until complete
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instances been held reponsible for inflammation of the kidney. Care should
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having no reference whatever in our remarks to the treatment which
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mour : and when the collateral circulation has become fairly established, as in-
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the poor souls hapi)y now and then. In a little speech on the
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of speech, but on Thursday last week he had a second stroke,
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1. Sequel to a Case of Thyrotomy for Recurrent Growtlis in the
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paralysis of the respiratory apparatus. Thinking that perhaps
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Barr of Glasgow says the condition is very rare. Marmaduke
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is favored, the ulcers become very large and confluent, so that often
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ning dose being i-iooo of a milligram, and this is gradually increased to
in 1884, would eradicate rabies in dogs. On the contrary, Pasteur's method