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continued fever of considerable intensity. The bowels were
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of from three to six of Smee's cells, and yet it may be made to
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germs, and blood poisoning or a contagious or infec-
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thus. Sometimes there is merely a tumour of the roof of
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Yellow fever has, at some times, and in certain placets, he?ni
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usually bud at one pole only, the two new cells then
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the association in which he called attention to cases
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colic by the same means. So- in adult colic, not only
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The New York Journal. December, 1865, January, 1866 and
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if, on the contrary, there is conscious memory, then
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feet and hands, which developed into vesicles later. The
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don Lancet extols this preparation in hasmorrhage after labour op '
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sufficient, in the hands of the skilled examiner, to
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body in general. Hence, while the foi ces of growth,
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larged, the inflammation subsides, and the animal suffers
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the mesial line of the neck : lingual, facial, occipital, superior
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liberation of iodine. I think myself that one of its chief
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such a free passage, as that after lithotomy. The diffuse swelling in
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arrived for deciding this great question, and for making a safe and
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ject which at first sight appears both " dry " and " well
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inwards into the uterus. I, therefore, decided to remove
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the epidemic announced itself, in all parts of both the orlop and
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He had the brain, to begin with, and, as the contest
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lar ; has been walking six miles a day in the Cats-
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April 18th, 1912. For the last eight years she had a swelling
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collodion dressing which is made by saturating sev-
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recrudescence of disease made one think their resection was
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Hosjiital, April 20, 1916. Longitudinal section made
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peatedly ; I have recognized it twice in post-mortem examinations,
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The causes of acute indigestion are the same as for
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gauze or similar material, and placing it either in or
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point, (pure ether boiling in the warm hand,) and the absence of
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that a Board of impartial, experienced and prominent Surgeons will
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Boutinists, Empirics and Professional Egotists meet here, on
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the drying of which, a dry sterile dressing was ap-
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which no such exception can be taken, this specifying de-
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are usually preferred to the circular. They are made either of
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trude slightly upon the cornea and sclerotic and it
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mine whether their employment is compatible with safety, or whether
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the fundus. Very soon the head could be felt by the fingers in the
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interdependent, as we have seen ; but action does not
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vaccinated, suflering from severe ulcers on their arms, at the site of
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