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the injections being repeated four or five times at intervals of two to four
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of several weeks, during which the most troublesome symptom
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by which he was so much relieved, that he experienced more
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gated the diagnostic value of this method in cases in which the bacterio-
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would have obviou.sly good effects upon the diseased lung, but what other
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a shape in which is included the figure of the heart ; After turning the plate
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Early diagnosis is essential. Iodides, mercury, and salvarsan, in cautious
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[Communicated for the New-England Journal of Medicine and Surgery,]
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examination may prove impossible without an anaesthetic ; in other cases
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in cases of this kind recovery seems to be the rule rather than the excep-
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of the lung. It is, according to the Rontgen picture, more evenly distributed
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1. Whether an epidemic disease and great mortality has oc-
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whether or not he has made the correct diagnosis. Next to an
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from 5 minutes to 2 seconds, the other none. Daily exposures of over 1
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It appears from this paper that it is possible that our knowledge of
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emphysematous lungs, the results are, from a morphological point of view,
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electric variations of the surrounding medium when this is less conducting
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of unaltered bile, does not seem to have nearly so great an influence
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while in a strong effort of vomiting, he was sensible of something
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The authors regard the diagnostic value of the Wassermann reaction as
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6 4. It was then anatomically possible that the whole sensi-
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symptoms were Corrigan's pulse in 9 cases, a systolic thrill in the aortic
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Lange in attempting to utilize these reactions in his study of
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admissions there were as many as 176 (10-4 per cent.) cases which proved,
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(chronic malignant endocarditis, chronic infectious endocarditis,
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study of the biological action of radium on a living cell. (1) What is the
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this drug after a coitus with a person suspected of syphilis (see above).
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both are undergoing other changes and are losing the spectro-
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streptococcus endocarditis. J. Am. 31. Ass., 1920, 75, 789-90.
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seven. The interest in the case centres in the x-ray testimony. It was a
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suage her thirst. 1 have only therefore to detail the remain-
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present in a form which precludes a sufficiently rapid union with calcium
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method and a greater number of critical comments (favorable or
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anatomical pathway from the colliculus to the sympathetic nucleus in the
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scurvy, &x.) but also that which accompanies typhoid and