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Wild-dierry bark shoaki not be prepared in the form of tinctare, ex-

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Hot Water an Drink. Hot water has the same stimulant effect, wbon

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fifty strokes in the minute by copious draughts of the cold infusion, taken

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excitor, in both cases, being applied to the back of the neck.

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Another mode of making an alum cataplasm is to rub the white of egg

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Opmm Ls contraindicat^ul by a high Mnie o/fubrile excitement with a

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calculated to invigorate digestion and sanguification, such as moderate

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plaint, in full doses, and preferably at night. In small doses, frequently

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hemorrhage are among the complaints in which good effects may be

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opinion that it is less nourishing than sugar, but this is not

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lofieal and tbeiapeatical effects, from the $ra)ranic That the fiict is aa

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the deadly air. Such we see is the case in America.

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35. Schonbaum, E, 1960. Adrenocortical function in rats exposed to

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or cholera morbus, may be treated with it in the manner above recom-

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tomed to it from early life, it is pleasant enough. It contains

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the action of the caloric of the sun will depend upon the ca-

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causes. These causes of irregularity are, height of the ground

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usually destitute of epidermis, of a reddish-yellow colour, brittle, and

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toxin on metabolism, II. Protein- carbohydrate balance fol-

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foolish enough to work on this problem, and I hope more will

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Another distinction is into the white and red wines, the former being

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again until the end of August. * The mussel is more solid

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place we must change the food for some other of the farinas,

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the cold, however, both these processes were abnormally acceler-

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flrom about it, then slicing off the top of it transversely, and scraping the

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the lungs ; and the general uneasiness depends upon the de-