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an apparently imminent necessity. Professor Chiene recommended

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ity, while its physicians compare favorably with those of any other city

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II. As it has not the power to cure, or even alleviate, and

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eight centimetres, which pours out pus from countless smaU fora*

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have perished of the plague in the Deccan since its outbreak,

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little inconvenience to the patient. Median-sized catgut was

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breath, the study of the Arabians, and a new work on physi°

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(5) The best time to destroy the larva.' is the winter season, when they

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The Artley CoorEU Prize of 1500 dollars 1ms been awarded

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temperature, and they may be warmed to any desired extent. In

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VII. — On the Organic Peroxides. Paul C. Freer, Ph. D., M. D., and Frederick

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the stomach ; since that time Brown-S^quard, although

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Whilst we would infer from the " great age " attained by the '* antediluvians," and the

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of bark, to be used by the apothecary, the present limitation to the three

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wrong doing, and who commits himself to aught, which in the

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from presence of some substance in the eye. A silk handkerchief

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to October 31, 1889 — 611 patients have been treated, of

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ptyalin remains active in the stomach is usually from forty-five

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Physical examination of the chest revealed emphysema with

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ologie et la patbologie. Lettre ti M.'le docteur Guin'ier.

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was entirely removed by the knife; it was necessary to remove a great part

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administered diet, which, I believe, is best made up of beef-

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dominalis. Miinchen. nied. Wchnschr., 1888, xxxv, 315-

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sisting of equal parts of sulphur* and tar, united,

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to have a longer incubation period than the inoculated disease.

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is easily fatigued, and on prolonged use may disappear. Excluding

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of the exanthematous affections run their course before the

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edge and skill. Further, such evidence will afford an opportunity

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afforded. Inhalations of warm water vapour, continued for an

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quantity to make a soft mass, and then adding a minute quantity

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physiologists tell us that a bird will live under a bell-

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Tamworth ['lurm.—Wm. R. Brunton, M.R.C.S. Eng., L.S.A., to the

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to antistreptococcus serum, the idea is altogether a different one.

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changed or intensified therapeutic quality of gold in arsen-

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