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of Illinois College of Medicine, 1929. Had practiced

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Attid. r. Accad. ined.-chir.diNapoli, 1896, n. s., 1. 104-107.—

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have a striking demonstration of the efficiency of vaccination. As a

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principally of cerebral symptoms — general and local — and involvement

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interests, as chairman of the London Hospital, made an in-

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injuries to a joint. Under such circumstances protection and immobi-

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This action ceases altogether when the eighth pair of nerves is divid-

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chest, 28 of bleeding from the lungs, 28 of congestion of the

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and air-distended bladder. A wax-tipped catheter was first

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(Archive^ of Ophthalmology and Otology, vol. i. No. 2.)

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that the surgical world owed to Dr. Leonard the plac-

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appreciated by the profession than it is, so that we may not waste time in

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Unlike all other forms of phosphorus in combination, such

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National Guard. When w^e introduced ourselves, I discovered

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description of the heart and its appendages, and the history

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culture of the tubercular bacilli, on the Pasteur plan, will prevent the

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neglect to scrub the floor under the bed, and seemed

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In the year 1560 it was introduced into France by the ambassador of

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region, the buttocks, the external surface of the limbs, the anterior

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If such a combination o{ circumstances as that above outlined

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Color gray-green, green, to brown when old; reverse colorless, or slight yellowish.