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cundating four. Morris has gone still further; having
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itching of the skin upon retiring at night. This was diagnosed as due
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conclusions which would aid us in the management of simi-
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undergo an evolution towards an arterial aneurism with a hard con-
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last six years have been most fruitful ones for it. We have
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of the " Treatise " referred to, verbatim et literatim. Of the 555
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left the hospital. He finally entered the hospital in January, 1872, and was at this time
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neuritic type of the disease — ^attended with muscular
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after a few punctures with the electric cautery. By this measure pain
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constitution {e.g., some defect in the organs of life or a total or
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pathogenesis is an antenatal lesion of the nervous system, possibly of the
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I'M a «'/•■''.» , 4'i *y',:i*.»'% . , . . ■ '
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due to the vascular disease than to any secondary implication of the
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tissue does occur, and, that being granted, the likelihood of an abscess
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This may be explained by the fact that individuals do
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Lintz. The latter had reported three cases this year
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directly and indirectly, must have reference only to its
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which demands results and scorns methods, which welcomes
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desirable for the state to provide very liberally for the study of these
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is in every case to be maintained until a Medical examination
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Auzoux's celebrated Preparations in Papier Mache imported to order,
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hospitals it may be as high as 25 per cent. Death is generally due to
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normal. These lesions were very extensive but of the focal type
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in the first place unless it is complicated with severe hemorrhage,
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wounds), there cannot be the rigid observance of any system
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moved by operation has led to the conclusion that such relapse
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patient's symptoms had first pointed to central spinal trouble,
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and the addition of extra exertion or disease may overstrain the small
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woman of the most loathsome diseases to which she is subject. The
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possible that two species of staphylococci are growing side by side,
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1901, in consultation with Dr. McKenzie, of Portland, Oregon. These
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of influencing the existing peritoneal tuberculosis.