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auricular contraction, but an early diastolic gallop (S3) is
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divided. Next the coracoid process was sawn off, with a small
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valuable assistance in cases where only the cerebral nervous system is
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the blood after its withdrawal. Ehrlich has stated that in leukaemia the
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generall}^ adopted, but there is no valid objection to adding one
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fever and ague, or after a fit of gout, and during convalescence
in his profession, what he did in other pursuits, and how
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Gall stones may cause retention and are to be regarded
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complicated physiological principles which served as the
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work of Dr. Emmet, to Dr. P. F. Munde*s article in the January number of
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to the square root of the time elapsed, which is one form of Schiitz's
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against secondary hnemorrhage, and thus much diminishing
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Of means to be used for this purpose, the most effectual is
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breathing so as to obtain for them appreciable results.
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affected from the protracted state of the disease ;
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and excesses of all kinds have an undoubted influence.
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of his death, visiting patients even to the last day of
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In the acute brain injuries, with and without a fracture of the
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or decomposition, or the internal motions of the particles of bo-
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vular manner through the skin ; and the application of firm pressure in the
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the basis of 2 years or greater post-discharge status. A patient profile was
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Maimonides. — School of Salernum : Constantinus Africanus. Eoger
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positively liarmful. I have not found it necessary to
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Bad Sanitation in England.— An exchange states that at
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Ulceration is manifested by the sensation of throbbing and
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3.57. — Head drooping, beak resting on the ground. 3.58. — Fallen
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could major changes be made in one already in existence.
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position most easy for the patient, and supporting it by cushions
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macy may be as widely different from that obtained in
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lowed series of seizures during which tongue was bitten. In one of these periods
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eyes. He also ridicules the idea of calling the disease, as described by
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degrees or licences in the United Kingdom ; that it shall be
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3. Bottini's Operation in the Treatment of Prostatic Hyper-