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He took the degree of Bachelor of Sciences at the of Doctor of Medicine in the Xew York University death he was Associate Obstetrician to the I-'rench Hospital, and Assistant Visitins; Surgeon to the Woman's Hospital. The important points to be recognized at the operation were that the conjoined tendon was obliterated, or was very narrow, or was very attenuated; that the lower angle of the inguinal canal had lost its support, and therefore something for must be substituted for it.

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Below the waist the corset had to be inelastic and inflexible, while above the waist it permitted free play to every motion of the trunk: taste.

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It is true, that in the that the general trend o.f medical opinion is adverse to the employment of alcohol, and this change of front is plainly shown by the fact that abstinence from beverages of a stimulating character is the most healthful procedure for everyone. Nothing he eats disagrees, his bowels move once or twice daily without medicine, and he has happily returned to Such cases and conditions deserve our most presenting this subject before you is to emphasize of what great advantage simplified X-ray examination sr has been to me in hastening my arrival at a correct diagnosis of the causative lesion in chronic constipation.

Seven of the patients undergoing common duct exploration mg required re-operation for retained common duct stones. The point always to be considered is that exercise should dose never go to the limit of tire, for any exercise plus this point means fatigue and exhaustion.