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ballot for the list of officers as read. The ballot was so cast, and the of-
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acknowledged to be comforting ; (4) they were powerless
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Center for Gall Bladder. The gall bladder lies under
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end of the toes. The gangrene of the skin had not spread beyond the level of
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wall of the stomach made the operation easier of course. As a
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but he rotates himself by means of his arms on to his face. He now
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operation. In a successful case where none is wasted, about
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Year. February 1, 1915, to January 31, 1916, inclusive.
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the people ! For, by whatever agency one more citizen is given
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the State, in common with ourselves, is striving for the public good.
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The condition of the right lung remained unchang(!<l,
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sot (P.) Crises ^pileptiqui'S d'origiue cardiaque; leur
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iSscuIapius " alone, it is hoped that the sympathy for the misfortunes of
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4. The true explanation of the spread of contagion is the great
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hood ; and the vulgar there ascribe it, (so Dr. Manson informs us),
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prevailed : the candidates were dismissed, and they are to
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of smuggling and illicit distilling, if this traffic is prohibited.
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in the tincture ; in consequence, when a tooth is im-
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sutured, whilst the following day his brother, aged 56, died
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then ate bre^Ckfast and attended to her household duties.
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is, however, an important symptom of many diseases, and in certjiin
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have prosperous gestation or easy parturition, nor nu-
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the thirteen cities of this Province, the mortality from tuberculosis
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That the same disorder has been brought over from Ireland, and
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tion after a bismuth meal revealed the jiresence of very tnarked cecal
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by the fact, that whatever be the stimulus which calls their sensibility
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pamphlets, often of considerable literary merit, they
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first degree or second degree lesions of minor importance,
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the bladder presented an appearance resembling that of the uterus;
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came to us and wanted smallpox cases. In about two weeks
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Rooms and verandas enclosed in this way are a great convenience,