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the vitality of the bacillus of tuberculosis but its form also.
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fluorescent screen. The activity most commonly seen
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being of a yellowish-grey colour, but I have never been able to convince
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melted; transparent in thin layers, completely amorphous,
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A remarkable circumstance connected with gun-shot wounds is
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headache ; emaciation, arrest of menstruation in the female, night-
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until the efficacy or worthlessness of any new preparation is fairly well tested.
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come a leper ? Or, again, the equally well attested fact that
When you clean with Rexair, you clean clean. Rexair
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weeks' immersion, there was no lead in the water which could be detected by
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to illustrate this it is but necessary to refer to the lifting
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Leonard and Folley, Recherches sur I'etat du sang dans les maladies end^miques de
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out, or even a small bounty paid by the state in suitable cases, there
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increased action of the heart, disturbed vaso-motor (vessel
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he was) carried out some very radical changes. Not only
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first few doses. (See last page of this advertisement for
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under that of the male. Fat is also placed in some of the cavities
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The illness often begins with a distinct chill, accompanied by
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have had an opportunity of v.'itneffmg, the comparative mildnefs
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meeting in May last, and the prospective field of action then unfolded,
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same subject in English, French, and German literature, the
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the reactive process in the neighboring peritoneum so prompt, that
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X De Peste, B, «. a. § De Febre Purp. jj De Peste, c. t.
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crease of redness is also sometimes seen to depend upon extravasa-
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stomach. Regulation of diet. Cu1 out carbo-hydrates as far
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fers in ditTerent cases. It may l)e (1) an adiiesion be-
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Care must be observed to avoid injecting any sediment, as in a few cases
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and be lost. It may be made to separate a little sooner by gently solicit-