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mon, but I am of opinion that it is more a result of injury due
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berry, Capsicum, Gum Myrrh, Golden Seal, Nerve Pow-
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promptly aud to such an extent that the acuie pains of rheumatism and ueuralgia
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reliable. In statistics referred to, soldiers about the
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night, the wound having been left open, the foreign body had
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of supposed edible fungi render their question of their toxic
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days of treatment they rose on one day to twenty-nine, but they fell
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or speaking excite acts of coughing, which occur in parox3-sms, and con-
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generally sufficient to prevent the union of' the lips of wounds as to have led, repeatedly,
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seeking Parnership, Single specialty group, or Multi-
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in the 'Guy's Hospital Keports ' for 1857. Each patient had had mucous
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of the affected lobes, the emphysematous portions are distinguished by
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tered through it were merely decolorised fibrine of the
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travasated blood-discs, and the other has few or none. In
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parts the remedies, as applied to special diseases and conditions, are fully
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sufficient to cause sweating, and some pathological changes in the circula-
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tracts. — Therapeutic Gazette., September 15, 1900.
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Soon after this, Drs. Wheeler, of Chelsea, and Chadwick, of Boston,
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It appears from these quotations that Dr. Murchison, believing
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through the remainder of the day and night — du-ections being left,
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ting well. The wound was dressed, first with carbolized oil,
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1884, vii, 97-101. . tieber federnden Finger (doigt ares-
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been attacked in larger numbers than the Jews. The attack-rate of
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ally be found that there is distinct loss of power in the flexors, especially
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sembling small, twivfaced ty|K'writers, which punch
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some acute malady; sometimes by a course of life in which fatigue of
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ties ; a chapter will succeed on fracture and luxations from other causes than
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tating healthy molecular change. Dr. Whitmire makes some
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clots, etc. Early recognition will confine the operative treat-
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tumor, and a trocar was pushed into it, when it was discoveretl
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