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and is very nice and clean. There are a few irritable spots on

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hence, in spite of the pretensions of charlatans, this form of baldness

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afforded stabling, etc., for a certain number of the

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tion wave has spread to the ventricle. On the other hand, if the P-R

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for exhibition games of foot-ball, although the excuses for such train-

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the longings for opium, he said could be more easily

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uninterrupted convalescence, except for an unusually severe mammary

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proteins enter the blood unchanged, and are taken up by the

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the brandy were felt. These cases taken alone, would

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was bound firmly to the lesser curvature of the stomach,

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in the appreciation or judgment of active movements. The latter

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fail to discover that the leading physicians in New England, especially

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Thus oils having stimulant properties, are obtained by

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quent exhibition of smaller doses. This ceases to be useful when there

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the lungs. The next summer was passed in the nu)unlains, at an elevation!

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Malarial fevers are held accountable for 476 deaths, consti-

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sensation and motion, exerts a power over the passage of the blood through the vessels by

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by a bar that is considerably heavier than those of the side.

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cases as instances of secondary infection, most often by streptococci, which

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to more' commodious premises; a large house in Hanover

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principally of cerebral symptoms — general and local — and involvement

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conditions in the case may afford a basis for suspicions.

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pp. 510. Philadelphia, 1863. Blanchard & Lea. . . . .188

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cers, and annually thereafter be required to elect three

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was also deformity of the left lower extremity; viz., dis-

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analyst to whom the suspected mailer may have been commit-

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child after the Csesarean section, which have been published

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