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diseased in its functions. Let us suppose, for example, that

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with the vitiated matter from the body of a patient laboring

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section and a nauseating dose of tartrate of antimony.

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Spherical, Cylindrical, Spherical Cylinders, Double Cylinders, Prisms,

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more obscure in origin and therefore less open to corrective treat-

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the first time in my use emesis foUowed in a few mo-

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the patient in the erect posture, the catheters having been withdrawn

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thoroughly as to the character and conduct of the vital statistics of the

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With regard to cardiac complications, I think the cow is not

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round body, around which are grouped on optical section 10 to 18 narrow

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two millinietrts in diameter, and at tlie flarinp end over two and a half

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: emphatically starved individuals. There is usually

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" Do you want any thing to read — any books, or papers, or magazines ?"

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"Diseases of Children; Their Homceopathic Treatment" is the an-

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i.' t,uil\. I,.iri;f wi.uiul- nt tlu- lnlttcHi^. loiiiplii.itrj In fr.u tun-

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a Berkefeld filter I would like to draw attention to a phenomenon, first

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recent drug to be given a clinical trial was pheno-

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care must be taken not to cause degeneration of the overlying struc-

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till the vessels given off by the superior other. The lowest sigmoid branch does

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delirium tremens, when the attendants, articles of furniture, and evm

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of time and revolution, and brought to light facts of

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XIX. EPIDEMIC CHOLERA. (Asiatic or Malignant Cholera.)

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ricians, midwives, sanitarians, all lay some claim to this prodigious advance in the

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consumptive subjects; and the remark is worthy of that accu-

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4 cases had the duration been more than one yea" ^"h-n death resulted.

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simplest of the zymotic diseases. Under the head of " Sequelae " I have

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at Lariboisiere, in fifty patients, notes that initial diarrhoea

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be absent. Complete anuria lasting for a day or two may occur in cases

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mania, may be an early symptom of uremia, and may replace coma as