Protest pizza created by Edinburgh Pizzeria

La Piazza in Edinburgh have created the Pothole Pizza

One of Edinburgh’s best known pizzerias has cooked up a special pizza to demonstrate their discontent with the tram road works which have been taking place in the West End of the city.

La Piazza has created the Pothole Pizza which looks like your average pizza, save for a huge gaping hole in the centre of the dish. The missing centre is meant to represent the hole in the pockets of local traders since the road works have been in operation in the city.

As well as the Pothole Pizza, La Piazza owner Tony Pia has also created the Leith Walk Siciliana which is topped with capers and anchovies. The extra fishy topping is to symbolise the stink the road works, and extra traffic pollution, the tram works have caused.

The road works have now moved on, however the local traders say their businesses continue to be affected as traffic has now been diverted through the West End area of the city which is causing poor air quality as a result of the extra car fumes in the area.

The owners of the popular pizza restaurant say the tram road works have had a negative impact on their business. The Edinburgh Trams say that they had not been notified of the problem, and that they have two support schemes in place to help local traders while works are carried out.

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