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dignity. Its function also is to be concluded secondary in

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disease has accomplished its spontaneous evolution, and this indi-

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modation. There is no nystagmus. No exophthalmos. Graefe,

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filtration of vertebral trunk to the apex. No parenchymatous

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Breschet ; for while the first of these concerned the capillaries, and

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flexion is caused by adhesions in the vesico- vaginal cul-de-sac,

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of interference with the cerebral circulation. Shall we continue

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ton, a sinall village in the West Biding of Torkshire; and another, on a small

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than oil; bul her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword; her feet

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haps, the more heinous crime of the two is the laying hands

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that year, the number of invalids frequenting it was small.

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the honored matron. It is impossible to set bounds to this dreadful and alarming

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eating or from a collection of air in the stomach ; exposure to cold, obstructing

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toms were quickly and easily controlled. By undernutrition the

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having proper regard to those causes, and intently considering the occupations and

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charged through the front passage, and create a gnawing pain in the back, side, or

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being very fatty, it seems that Rokitansky found similar areolar-tissue-forma-

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the influence of practice is studied. As conventional signals

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does not suffer materially. Within a month or two the cough

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considerable value and delicacy. The process recommended for

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" 4. In what part of the town or village did the first cases occur P

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calibre can have retarded the flow of blood in the part that rupture

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case was, on July 3rd, in an abb6, who had just been liberated from

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establishment of an international conference, to be held at Constan-

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deservedly or undeservedly we do not say^ a special name, neces-

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and seventeen per cent, without the intervention of medical men,

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Other factors remaining constant, the rate of excretion

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were thus taken and no weight was lost, as the prevalent idea

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Two men had also died of cholera between the Dardanelles and Con-

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about a sugar-free urine and a normal blood-sugar, and the

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well. His personal history is clear except for minor childhood

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For the relief and cure of Nervousness, Sleeplessness, Irritability, Uneasiness, Twitch-

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tion. He has few complaints and is up and about most of the

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diately subsequent. Data are wanting to answer the question

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'Whitehall has within the last few years received. At present,

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at first by the screw of the microscope, which becomes gradually

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up their system, producing premature old age. All who feel symptoms of this cha-

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lotion. The patient was a servant, who had applied the lotion

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(oxalic and hydrocyanic acids), phosphorus, antimony, arsenic,