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appropriate. The noble deed of the defence of Rome, recounted
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only unjust, but cruel, to the Medical officer. As a rule, he is
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was thought to indicate the need of stimulation of the torpid
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"Members are specially invited to wear academic costume and uniformr
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Hospital on .January S, where he was seen by Dr. Head, who regarded
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abundant depositions of oxalate of lime occurred in each case.
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of Family Periodic Paralysis, Brain, 1902, xxv, No. 1, p. 109.
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opacity was sufficient to obliterate the rib shadows.
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irritative character. In all the cases that have been re[)orted of this
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Canad. Pract., Toronto, 1898, sxiii, 439-441. — Petrovic
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terior third of the internal capsule is very probably distributed
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upper part of the epigastric region, where small portions of the right and
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occurred in the practice of a man who was aware of this relationship. He
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a disease arising from exposure to cold and damp, but only in a
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and increased ])ercentage of ha.moglobin are characteristic
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Blood Sugar: The highest reading was 0.235% ; the lowest 0.075%.
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Mr. Benson Baker had had seven cases of pregnant women
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Fallopian tubes arising from closure of their extremities,