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dangerous and uncertain. — Medical Record^ January 30, 1904.
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sanitary condition of his wards appears to be tolerably good, he brings
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milk supply, was written since the organization of the Commission,
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'• the discoveries of medical science and the opinions
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diate cessation of all opposition to the replacement of the fractured hones, and
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words, which are : — " I confess that I know no theory capable
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rank in his profession were recognized by his election
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Surgeon General, has been named planning director for the Connecticut Re-
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tent paroxysms possesses some diagnostic value when there is a
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mucous membrane of the fauces, larynx, trachea, and
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* The preparation exhibiting these appearances is deposited in
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(" sporozoa ") of smaller size ; and 3rd, raspberry-like bodies of
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midnight; and, lastly, when a fall in temperature about the
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reactivation of a shaken serum, but before attempting to explain this
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Over-straining causes dilatation without a corresponding increase
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tu?hed (Sou ey's tubes) may l>e inserted and the liquid allowed to drain t£
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support of the conviction, and the Court gave their unanimous
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time of the Irish famine in 1847-48, there has been
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in the injections, but care must be taken that these latter
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appears as one symptom of constitutional syphilis ; and in the Greifis-
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principal conclusions are : — Arterio-sclerosis is preceded by a period
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oozing of blood from them. The cervix had apparently
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ber 1 2th, to this date, October 23d, the patient has stead-
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unavoidable, the lots should be drained with the greatest care.
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impulse heaving. Soft apex murmur and loud second sound.
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bounds to its power over those intimate and insensible
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Tn my last Keport I took the opportunity of bringing
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operation divests the case of its greatest danger — infection. The early operation
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character and absence of secondary deposit, naturally falls within
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cussing the tests for insanity, especially the knowl-
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that the sensation of nausea, even though variously excited,
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one such accident, and, in that case, no bad consequences fol-
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spongy consistence having the character of exiiended can-