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But in the majority of cases, it is not easy to trace its origin to these

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rectly through a vitiated blood condition. If any difference in the two cases

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whosepatients called hira£i;ttatpo3"fi becausehewould not bleed)

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these examinations, extensive pelvic and abdominal adhesions

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tlie conclusion that there exists between them and Oriental

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Sauvevr at Caen, which, besides being an asylum for lunatics of both sexes, is

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giving all the signs of aneurism. Circumference of af-

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weather, it brought with it worse symptoms, in the way of cramps and

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Alarming symptoms and even death have been produced by much smaller doses. A

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and force of the pulse ; shrinking of the features, with a corpse-like sinking of

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uloventricular valves is of double diagnostic significance. In the first

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])ressure in the capillaries and venules of the glands. The sanguino-

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frequent nocturnal awakenings and/or early morning awakening: in patients with recurring

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nia is a result of the phimosis. The very small opening in the prepuce

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too much emphasis cannot be placed upon the importance of

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G. M. Hammond, of New York ; Councillors, Dr. Whar-

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Loud applause greeted Bacelli, who in the name of the Italian

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new conditions can be considered after the m,anuscript has been put

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bances. Parotid swelling (chipmunk cheeks), erosion of

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puff or any paste preferred. Bake one and a half hours.

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wished to inquire whether the stretching of the canaliculus

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Strange to say, the call for recognition of these hero-veterans

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hallucinatory insanity ; in the other two cases it could only be shown

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Right upper extremity : Paralysis of deltoid, infraspina-

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Marshes, annually extends its encroachments through her streets and

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of January, six weeks from the operation, and perhaps three from the

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and presented, anteriorly, a tortuous and twisted ap-