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elsewhere that could be referred to a typhoid origin. The great cause of abor-
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Neisser's stain proved useless in making diagnosis of diphtheria of
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I have attempted to show of what our well-beloved science con-
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purged or else so constricted that, notwithstanding painful
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The basis of the theory is, that, if rennet out of the body converts a
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Hofpital for Infeetious Diseases in Chicago. — ^Several
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by the family doctor, a man of sagacity and ripe experience.
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stead of scissors in vivifying the parts in all vaginal
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preposterously absurd. What are we to expect of the superstructure ?
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will enable him to adapt himself to new and most unusual conditions.
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gone, leaving a blue, mottled stain over the bodv. The temperature, which
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plainly felt I still remained in doubt about its nature,
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TABLE 13. — The Distribution of Initial Attacks of Pellagra in Dif-
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predisposing causes, but which have come to be forcible enough
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Regimen. — In no disease is the success of the treat-
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This program is supported by educational grants from
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I send you a marked copy. It was described about the
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servations and experiments, the efficacy of turpentine in
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the calves of the legs. It is commonly of an intense burning character, and
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meeting in May last, and the prospective field of action then unfolded,
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the honorary rank of Deputy Inspector-General of Hospitals.
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that those who have the old policy may convert to the
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the number of not less than 10,000,000 per cubic centimetre of saliva.
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tion. The metabolic form-changes, so marked a feature of
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origin are not so marked, and consist mainly in loss of
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and five times at night. He is slow in starting the
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staff to say. I will only remark that the contents can be easily made
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outbreak of Cattle-Plague in Ireland. In reply to a