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By William Craig, M.D., F.R.S.E., Lecturer on Materia Medica, Surgeons'
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infection, but there was very extensive local mischief. In the colon
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forated with blood-vessels and sometimes containing congenital apertures,
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cavity tightly with gauze, pushed back the periton-
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fatal cases, 2 were alcoholics. Of Wilson's, 1 died on
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Turnout dates and season of use are consistent with range
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second, by means of which he was able to establish the duration
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urine as ascertained by determining its freezing point.
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and surgeons rarely witnessing and recording during their entire professional lite, more
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of a spray of one part of chlorid of adrenalin to 10,000
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Tn the second volume of our Journal, we have given an account
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it over the back with a skewer. Now put a long skewer
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as possible. Second, proper glandular action to render the
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manifestly not in proportion to the manifest degree of anemia. This
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Radiograph of fracture of tibia by brass-jacketed bullet 74
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is very intense, a cloth wet continually with a solution of fifteen grains of
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took to bed. The mystery which surrounded the case in life
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Mary's Hospital, Manchester, under the care of Mr. Cullingworth, on May
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are unusual, at least to such a degree as was manifested
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ing chamber may become unnaturally large. This constitutes the
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best lecturer on anatomy of his time in this country.
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and fifty-two cases. There are certain weak points in the diaphragm
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with which they have heretofore been furnished, such as exhibitions with the
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stationar}*' ; as soon as a place becomes tiresome, it is best to leave it.
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Severe cases of tobaccoism occur in youthful persons, in persons
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that there is a tendency, and a very great common to see an ambitious, hopeful,
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1959. Neal, Hunter, S., 460 Langenau Medical Bldg. (19151)
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