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who has a disease, chronic or acute, which produces a decided afflux of

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and above the liver. This abscess contained nearly a pint of pus, and was situated

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glanders. — The discharge from the nose in glanders will

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correspondence to the condition in some of the quadrumana. The true zoolo-

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Nurses, Chicago, 111. ; Member of the Board of Lady Managers, The

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toes, generally in the neighbourhood of the nails, where its impregnated

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ported. In the first case the median and ulnar nerves had

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* The fasting; consumptive referred to oa page 62 had already approached

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are also prickly, and are composed of oval, pointed,

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better than leave the subject in the hands of Dr. Keen.

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York, etc. With an Introductory Chapter. By Clarence John

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rapidly ditfused over the ball by the movement of the

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Millhoff, First Lieutenant Clarence B., assistant surgeon, is re-

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son of L. W. and America Ashby, who removed to Mount Airy, N.

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to separate that from the surrounding integuments and subjacent parts : in the

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An infusion of quassia seems to be one of the most popular remedies.

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Tyne, 1890-91, 25. — S. Erythema papulatum and spiril-

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it to the test. If he cannot break loose, there will be no bad

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hours while needed. Anaemia and chlorosis require iron, rheumatic

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purging, and cramps, but she had a warm skin, a good pulse,

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simply those of dyspnoea. After a while some of the animals pass red

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putation was done, as a forlorn hope, by the circular

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cases of pernicious malaria (6 subcontinuce and 24 comitates) all

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normal or perverted sexual excess, is much more likely to suffer from

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the left side. Sensibility was not deranged. The knee-

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may result from a tumour in the back part of the occipital lobe which

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experience perhaps than any man in our country, having

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science from the necessity of such dreadful admissions, needs

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mucous rales are often the first indication of subsidence of the acute

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recently, by this discussion on yellow fever, to in-

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seen. Expressing a doubt of my ability to bear ether, Dr.