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with Infundibular Pedicle from a case of Masked Spina Bifida ;
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board of medical officers representing tlie Malta sanitary
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most fruitful, and if one grow not at all the party is naturally barren.
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attacks of disease. Of these, 8,000 are orthodox practitioners,
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Our Leeds Correspondent ^vrites : In the Burmantofts district of Leeds
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fectious cases, school hygiene, and the inspection of food. In
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might not be independent of the erysipelas, and inquired if
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That a downward section is not so good an operation as the
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Sis, — My attention has been called to two letters in the
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round the swollen and inflamed end of the appendix. The whole organ
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tered from the dii^ease last week. Some half-dozen cases occurred at
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tn the North Riding Infirmary, Middlesbrough, vice William Ketchen,
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is mui^h more complete, details being added as to the cotnp()Sitiou ot ihe
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ber of beds, considering that the population is over 100,000 persons and
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making a total of 8, of which 2 have been fatal. .\ single new case is also
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Deaths in the Profession Abroad. ^Among the members
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they wished to refer to the circumstances of the recent with-
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see also that some of the filarise which had not yet left their
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this paper to describe pelvic pain, which occurs during the
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general death-rate of London, however, is below the average.
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fertilisers. By them, also, man made his bread, brewed his
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He has had to relearn both the names and uses of everything
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wished to affirm and inculcate its sacred and authoritative
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grants in aid of such research. Applications for sums to be
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Merewethee. A. E., M.R.C.S.Eng., L R.C.P., appointed Assistant Medical
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following candidates have passed the Preliminary Examination under
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about the right eye; and on January 16th he began first to
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ment of the embolus. Amputation was performed in conse-
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between champions of homccopathy and of orthodox medi-
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ration, and loss during micturitiou and defecation) of error
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Pyosalpinx ; (tor Mr. Thompson) a Vesical Calculus, removed
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honorary physician to the Queen. The funeral service at
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testicle, and he had also a feeling of cramp in the heel. This
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Rev. Marshall Tweddell, M..A, vicar, assisted bv the Rev. Elford C.
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to board all steamers clearing for New York, more particu-
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tion to succeed the late Professor Kahler as Professor of
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cure; " and the prevention of it, by efficient vaccination and
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