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and sometimes collapsed, is not unfrequently carried off in a convulsion.

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di.scharge from the hospital, at her husband's request, brought

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furnished sufficient information to guide him in presenting the

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was inadvisable on account of the almost unavoidable damage to the

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canals of parturient females produced puerperal fever in them, in the same

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to one oblique diameter of the superior strait, the biparietal to

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" 7. This lesion is almost always associated with consecutive hjrpertrophy of

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lies in increasing the health and power of the workers,

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Jour., vol. viii., N. S., May 10, 1871); and it does

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increases the rate, extent, and regularity of uterine invo-

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the movements of the upper lid. The advantages of the method

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gases, effluvia, spores, etc., of which this aqueous

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influenced by the diet was the fat. It was quite possible

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and if the maximum subinfective dose is reduced by more than one-

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sulted from the use of a hard rubber tube that had been

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the uterine contractions ; and if the practice recommended by

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The crepitavt rale is the earliest and most characteristic of the positive

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a wound applies here as in other cases, so that, in order to constitute a gun-

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„ JOHK Bishop, F.R.S., On the Physical Constitution, Diseases, and

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any rate, if there had been prior disease of the kidney, it is

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between miliary tubercle — tubercle properly so-called — and the inflammatory

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decidedly more common in North and in South Africa, where there

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the sewer pipe, is preferable for the disinfection of the excreta.

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In the examination of the feces the microscope will be found

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The pathological phenomena which attend severe intermittent

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ment of insanity it plays a comparatively small and unimportant

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itary predisposition exist, or congenital defects in the vascular system,

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tion is to sejjarate the soft i)art8 from the bone ; this

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have been described in their Nova Genera et Species Plantarum

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no reference to the important subjects of dieting and the use of