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shown very clearly that this condition may exist at all

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Drs. Tripp and Leonard, of the class of 1901, University

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cating branches it must immediately negotiate with the

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the cases 81 were married and 43 single; 3 not stated.

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harm than the original trouble. In many instances it may be

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ICAL Association, and affiliated societies recommend to the Amebi-

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1. A first-class one way ticket, together with a certificate

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ard 8. Anders, Philadelphia, Pa. ; "A Case of Pulmonary Osteo-

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bacteria and pus in the fetid urine. He bisected the kidney

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ronments, a dissipated life, a love for strong liquors,

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The Oerman Hospital has received a beqtiesl of $1000

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upon, shall assist the President in the performance of his

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to any one special line. Frequently the very opposite will

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pelves were measured both externally and internally, and desig-

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That, however, simply an increase in the uric a<Hd'

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treatment is much shortened and less painful, and the

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points for diagnosis, and if it did, its treatment would

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16 were operated on with 4 deaths ; 5 were attended with

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not suitable to their respective local conditions, or feel-

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of the New York City Hospital. William L. Somerset.

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Ans. — The formula Is given in Lee's "MIcrotomlst's Vade Mecum,"

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the Institute for Infectious Diseases in Berlin, the Insti-

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inferior measurements were made by boring gimlet holes

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only a little below the level of the femoral artery.

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extracts are not numerous, but Pregl has found, from the use

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140 Epistsxls : its Causes and Treatment. Aime Paul Heineck.

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gr. doses can be given hypodermically; later whisky.

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sion, or simultaneously with it, they seem to work wonders.

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six weeks previously. The axillary glands were enlarged and

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appointed at the meeting. The last day's session is

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M. Sig. : Apply locally several times through the day.

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in the South, it is said that the mayor of a small town ii»

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Surgeons are as follows: City "Hospital: Dr. L. H. Stick, resi-

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Snrgeon G. T. Vaughan. reassigned to duty in the Harlne-IIos-

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attacks of tubo-tympanic catarrh grew more severe and

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the right ear, of several years' duration. During a recent at-

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