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in some cases ; in others a drainage-tube is passed from it into

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the claims of the plaintiffs unwarranted, but adjudged to Dr. Shepherd the

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used is ehromate of lead ; tinning hollow ware exposes to lead poison

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tion was divided ; hut with all the eloquence they could

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doctors were recognised as of high value for the welfare of the

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trict boards have never had an opportunity to examine it.

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diarrhoea, polyuria, or any disease which more gradually exhausts

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be brought in contact with the skin, as its rapid evaporation will

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question might soon be settled. However, the more that

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and was firmly adherent. Corresponding to this situ-

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Fig. 54. — Caudal extremity of the female, magnified 100 diameters. [1?8

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its base. The needles were now cut off, the ends of the inner thread

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creased chest expansion could thus be gained, with the other

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glass of water. In all cases when the destruction of parasites is

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the amount of the interference. Thus there may ensue paresis or

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plained of pain in the reunion of the heart after a (juantity of

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stood everything, however, and could write. The face was

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buried alive. Some of the correspondents deny the pos-

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auscultation of the chest. It occurs in little puffs or blasts, is not dis-

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bacillus could be demonstrated in the urine years after the original

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and necrotic. Because of bleeding and position of sinus it was impos-

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morning in a single dose. This method can, therefore, be recom-

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urine gave positive evidence of nephritis or inflammation of that

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According to Brown and Swift (8), these cases may be divided into

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iionijcenients for tlie sessions of iy84-5 to 1886-7

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These attacks are therefore of the fzreatest value as an

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practise respiratory gymnastics. No milk should be taken

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no further use for the drug, and is free from the craving,

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lungs, larynx, and liver, suppurative cholecystitis, perihepatitis

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communicate immediately by letter with the superintendent of said hospital, which

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fow hours after intercourse and examined with tho microscope;

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of skin around the nipple, which incision is at once run

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addressed to the Editors of The American Practitioner and News, Louisville, Ky.

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These number from fifty to sixty pairs, and appear to come off as simple chords. Th«y per-

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