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tion, but in the last two delirium soon followed, and
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fat as any other, but he does not develop individual
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cjier were: Injury to peripheral nerves; scar tis.sue ;
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considering the purely vital nature of its functions, and though
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by the same rule as the condition of the bony pelvis."* — pp. 66,
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eyebaths of one per cent, solution of potassic iodide
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quired the disease in their youth, while residing in a distant part of
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vascular stasis occurs at the points of production of
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fluid two days later gave the same result ; no culture
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therefore laid bare the bone with the scalpel to the extent of two
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quartering did not influence the rate of infection.
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clinical observations made upon patients at the Yel-
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There was little apprehension concerning any diffi-
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garded as benign. The treatment is the same as lor years there were twenty-five men and eight women :
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the physician himself, taken with an attack of renal
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health demonstrations, especially in fields not yet
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disease. It is evident, however, that the role of the
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Those interested in the inquiry will find much information in
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an evening meeting of the King and Queen's College of Physi-
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Accidents can largely be prevented by improving the
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gen absorbed, according to liis admiration for Frankland, Wank-
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to throw some light on one of the most obscure and interesting
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however, it cannot be denied, that every thing which increases
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in Class .\ (fully qualified for military service),
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livid, his entire surface bathed in a cold clammy sweat, and of
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length into a description of the latter stages, and severer forms
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followed by convulsions, but after a train of very troublesome
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into a state of unrest, either through metabolism or
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which is felt in prosecuting researches into the nature of other dis-
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mil doses on two to four successive days in incipient
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example, keloids and hypertrophic scars are usually
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in medicines and the itinerant ungraduated doctors. If the
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a more efficient postal service, the telephone, and
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part of the naevus, was distinguished from the rest by a tangled mass