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having to sustain a putrid mass of immorality and medical igno-

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lobe and several along dorsal margin of the same lobe. Near root of right ven-

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our treatment. In other words, the personal equation of the patient

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Thiazides should also be used with caution in patients with impaired hepatic function oi

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yellow. The cornea had lost its brilliancy. | ablation, is a fact well known in surgery.

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from which I had suffered all my life, at once improved when I

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the total remaining is as high among some of the cold months as during

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utility of the precipitated oxyd, or carbonate rather, of iron, and

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we have to engage seven or eight assistants every couple of months

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duty. We learn that the case was one of gimshot wound of

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is rare, only four cases being found; it is much more frequent

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December 9. Notwithstanding the free use of tonics of various kinds and

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New York from its First Discovery to the Year 1722 "

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diage, pain and tenderness in the ctecal region and tympanites ; fourth,

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Australia. TTp to 1838 Australia had enjoyed an abso-

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erythema. Hebra, and in this respect we follow him, employs it to

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In addition he has had one attack of acute plastic pleurisy and pneu-

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And the closing breath of Paracelsus faintly utters :

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Barth. Hospital Reports, vol. xxiv. — 51. Hitzig. Arch. f. Psych, xv. p. 267. — 52.

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detailed examination of its micro-characteristics. It is generally

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eczematous, or simply dirty, the child should be given a sublimate

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■/') l'.^' -ii-i. '• .N.ieiid- -.1 th.- hiitt...!, iii\.iKinL' th,. re.tiim ,imi

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months, all treatment should be stopped if there are no symptoms,

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advantage is also gained by the application of leeches to the

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No significant interference with the hepatic cytochrome

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Their nature, the conditions under which their evolution

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dolens, and afforded as perfect a specimen of that disease as is ever

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4. There is less thickness of tissue between the lower margin of

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has been contaminated while being washed by the dhobie (native

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The last quarterly meeting for the current year was held at

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cent, solution of sugar introduced into the anterior chamber caused the