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whether such discussions were surgical, medical, or

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(b) Dried plasma reconstituted in normal concentration.

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of the same length, and the last was just forming. The

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are consumed. The food should be varied from day to day. If this

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safe foundation on which bacteriological information

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accounts for this by appealing to the influence of habit. E^ddently the

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desirable. A saline purgative is also appropriate as a depletory measure

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1967. Alexander, Charles M., 930 W. Sproul Road, Springfield. Pa. (19064)

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Watkins, G. T., Durham, Jeff. Med. Coll., 1915 ! 1915 1917

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from those observed in the other clinical varieties of haemoglobinuria.

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iodide and starch, zinc dust, soap, potassium ferrocyanide and perman-

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with or without the addition of such remedies as phenacetin and antipyrine,

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ment of cardiac apncea, Dr. Day describes with much judg-

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February 25, 1899, patient again returned to Dr. McArthur,

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in which milk forms, or should form, the chief article

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regurgitation with some involvement of the mitral valve ; in others there

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does not belong there and which is giving rise to symptoms is a

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I take it we are all trying to find out how to treat

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3. Adopt and implement practice guidelines which can be implemented with tort reform.

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appeal for funds toward covering the deficiency of over ^130,000 which

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Dr. Post agreed with Dr. Shrady in the treatment of

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gestion and pulmonary apoplexy of encephalic origin follows rapidly

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the Hver and spleen. On one occasion the writer heard loud peritoneal

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marked increase of relapsing in area A, viz., from none on April 26

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risms are by no means rare. In size sacculated aneurisms vary from a

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of hazel-nuts (Fig. 9), The cystic duct was completely stenosed.

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work, and still others may, if they choose, go riding or driving, and even

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excites a special interest. Dr. Mclntire, however, does

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Dr. Rezek of Teplitz, says the best treatment for spermatorr

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matism again than to determine the nature of the heart lesion.

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lations of the works written by Hippocrates and by Galen, par-

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