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spica gauze finger-bandage is applied, and liquid glass painted over
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him. A second examination resulted in finding the ball.
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The greater portion of the brain is in profound abeyance,
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With the increase in the number of pages, and the assistance of those
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January, 1819, it broke out in Colombo, and produced dreadful devas-
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existence of a race widely spread over Europe in the pre-
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As the aorta divides into branches, its capacity increases, that is, the
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waiting, however, for the next warm season to become
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On mucous membranes. — Tea has the effect to increase
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analogies which go to prove the brain's being divided into
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tegument, which is not ordinarily the case. On the whole,
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Flat Top Medicine Trunks, made of Russet Bridle Leather,
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cepting for a very considerable degree of emphysema of the
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melancholia, hypochondriasis, or whenever any mental depression is pres-
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albumen, sometimes very dense, is effused, often copiously, both
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of certain structures to stain with the synthetized color reagents.
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tutions of vital importance for the people, to be de-
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cules of the tissues are agitated by the passage of the
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It was looked ujjon as a case of malarial fever, with a
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and rectum are carefully observed, is usually not difficult,
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the embarrassment of respiration is out of proportion to the disturbance
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and Chambers. His life was despaired of. By and by a large
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schools in our country have of course come up against the same sort of
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Right phrenic nerve exposed in the neck, and esophagus cut and tube passed to
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We will consider more especially the irregularities known as
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need a touch of caustic before beginning the examina-
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danger in the formation of emboli, thrombi, and paren-
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associated any corresponding differences in constitutional or clinical char-
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was effected gradually, as the compressing tumor augmented; and
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Lockhart, W. , M. D. , R N., of H. M.S. Helicon, at Queenstown, on Jantiary 17-
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seed each. The most suitable time for collecting it is in the fall.
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size, and is readily torn if adherent or involved, and with the