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Spes writes: Can anyone oblige me by suggesting a remedy for the above,

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C. E. Prior, Bedford ; Dr. T. Patterson, Chadderton ; Mr. C. Perks,

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of this part of the stomach is in a state of what is called tone, by

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of those centers by similar complications in the upper nasal passages

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ment of those remedies which are true vasodilators, of which, as we

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is long-standing abuse of alcoholic stimulants. It should be remem-

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giving rise to gout. In America gout used to be quite an aristocratic

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taken as to the disposal or disinfection of excreta, or as to the

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Cavendis'i Square, W.; V. 11. Kdthkkkobd, M.B., 12, Eldon

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criticisms which have found utterance regarding the condition

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the least discoloration nor the least elevation. The patient states that

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is, indeed, not exactly defined and may be subject to certain fluctua-

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death. In other cases the patients may suddenly feel faint and fall,

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HALLiBtTRTaN, W. D., M.D. Intravascular coagulation.

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to the Italian scientist de Dominicis for having undertaken, simul-

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for her {remedy')." Much the same forinulte are found a

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teristic sound of expectoration into the pharynx. The sounds of the

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:and the lips blue, the eyelids were half open and her eyes

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from the General Secretary enclosing a report of the Com-

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the story of their derangements was much the same throughout, as if

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of severe illness from eating pork pies obtained from Mel-

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shows localized eruptions, such as urticaria and boils, and patches of a

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by the efforts of the patient. Sometimes, however, it consists mainly

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floor, by the supervention in him of asthmatic breathing.

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patient, who has previously been quite well, is suddenly taken with the

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analyses, which are found as a rule in similar textbooks.

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poliomyelitis are both invariable and life-long in their duration.

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si/e. the mar^nii is not sharp, with the edges indurated and the border

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in a perfectly healthy artery, but a thrombus is usually caused by

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cases is the same as in the hyperpyrexia and coma of simstroke, namely,

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served, bacteriological cultures, models, diagrams, and in-

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agreement. Although the College of Physicians protested

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many of the symptoms are due to what Dr. Goodhart terms " stran-

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—that is to say, if the third period of its existence has been

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He had a knowlege of surgical literature which was probably

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inoculation is in the ascendant. All causes and all treat-

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while not a single example can be adduced of efferent activity without

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became evident that some forms of this disease were dependent not on

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larly no pain. It appeared to have come on suddenly without any