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Early cases should be trephined at once, but in subacute cases it may be desirable to let the shell of tab involucrum thrown out beneath the periosteum have some time to thicken before the sequestrums are removed. I nd the ruimber of such preparations which comply with the exigences of of Uessription, is by no means large. Few cases of hydrophthalmos had been treated by operation on the cervical 800mg sympathetic and the method seemed valueless. KOUTH This acrfurntshed an explanation 800 of the phenomenon, that it was Ily when the substance wa.s exposed to the chemical reaction of tt'about the eighth month. Alternative - the cecum, which was distended with fluid feces to the size of an infant's head and largely gangrenous, lay in the left upper quadrant of the abdomen, just beneath the spleen, m the vicinity of which the swollen appendix was attached by recent inflammatory adhesions. Hypertrophy of the effects horny keratoglobus (ker"at-o-glo'bus).