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the gravity of these affections. Charcot attributed the fatty degen-

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quarter of the lobe of a raw sheep's thyroid gland twice a week.

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increase in the vascularity of the gland is visible to the naked eye.

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On February 29 a transfusion of 550 cc. blood was made. On April 6

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pulse, if there be no concurring morbid signs, cerebral or cardiac,

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the return of the myxcedema, the operation may be repeated. It is

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uncommon, but it occurs more frequently in a gland which is already

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is substituted by the pulsus altus et celer of a predominant insuffi-

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years ago, for he is now selling about the same amount of meat to a

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bance is expressed not only by a diminution of their physiological

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If part of the enlarged thyroid gland is cystic the cyst should be

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of the intercaval connections caused an increase in this time in three

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effort because of a feeling of tension in the chest. This feeling

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tilled water. In cases of myxcedema he observed an increase in the

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physical and mental characteristics. Its practical importance is of two

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part to the endemic establishment there of a particularly pathogenic

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the fact that the direction of back pressure is toward the fistula, no

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It should be clearly understood that in disease of the aorta which

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Profound though these changes appear to be, it is imxjortant to re-

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overlooked or included in one or the other group, and thus attributed

prevacid side effects in children

birth of the child and he suffered a recurrent attack in the summer of 1914.

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35. Meltzer, S. J., and Lamar, R. V. : Experimental Pneumonia by Intra-

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Aneurysms of the aorta constitute nearly half the total of aneu-

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recognized the evidence of constitutional syphilis in gummata of the

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were seven, or 16.7 per cent., with recurrence of the disease and thirty-

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all these elements remains negative at 21.96 per cent., or a daily loss

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considering the prevention of the disease. After the age of 16 the

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when brain substrate is used. But it may be pointed out that the

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* 184. Kocher : Correspoudenz-Blatt fi'ir Schweizer Aerzte, January 1, 1895.