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President Obama orders pizza takeaway during Las Vegas visit

January 27, 2012 by Tony  
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President Obama ordered takeaway pizzas to be delivered to his hotel during his visit to Las Vegas this week. The American president was in Las Vegas for an official visit, making a speech at the UPS in Vegas during his trip to Nevada.

A dozen pizzas and approximately the same number of pasta dishes were ordered from the Dom DeMarco’s Pizzeria and Bar which only opened its Las Vegas eatery last month. The pizza takeaway and restaurant is a spinoff from the famous DeMarco’s Di Fara Pizza which is something of an institution in the New York district of Brooklyn where it’s been serving up pizzas for over 45 years.

The large order of takeaway pizzas and pastas were delivered to the first floor of the Westin’s Element Hotel in Summerlin where Obama’s staff were staying, while two of the pizzas were sent up to the presidential suite where the president was staying.

According to Jeff LaPour, co-owner of DeMarco’s Pizzeria who served Obama’s pizzas during his Vegas visit, the president’s personal chef gave the pizzas his approval as he was reported to have given the takeaway food the thumbs up when sharing a few slices of pizzas with a fellow White House staff member.

So if you happen to find yourself in Las Vegas any time soon, be sure to treat yourself to a pizza takeaway approved by the president himself.

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