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blood, the spleen, the viscera, the peritoneum, the bone-marrow,
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is frequently too bad for a long and severe operation.
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' Addison on the Constitutional and Local Effects of Diseases of the Supra-renal
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Table 15. It is evident that the proportion of children attacked by
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G.) Some aspects of enteroptosis. Buffalo M. . J.. 1896-7.
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tention to his remarks, many of which are very ingenious,
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measures, but to remove the fractured head forthwith.
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exit of chyme into or along the jejunum being obstructed, so
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hope of recovery. The disease was found dipping down into
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circumstances to the patient and the patient's friends should be made.
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patient was dependent upon crutches for all locomotion^ the second
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cortical, were perfectly healthy ; though they, as well as the superficial cells,
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Illustrations should be glossy prints or drawings in India ink on white
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vr Poznaniu. [. . . in Poscn.J Przej;!. lek., Krak6w, 1872,
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1S82 Pepper, Augustus Joseph, M.S., M.B., 13, Wimpole Street, W.
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that the profession at large will take an active interest
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A correct knowledge of the pathology of bone being of the
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As they are, for the most part, heavy and bulky, they are less
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Dysentery. — Both bacillary dysentery and amebic dysentery may be
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that have been using the above treatment, including my
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usually carpet-baggers so far as Kentucky was concerned, I am proud
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Soc, N..Y., Phila., 1897, 310-314.— Cummins (W.) On a
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he awoke the pain returned in about five minutes. After