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being questioned, the boy said that he felt "quite well, only sleepy." When he
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X Formularis Magistral de Therapeutics per TJ. A. de
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tion of the lay term “shingles,” and the meaning of
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Contra-indication in an Isolated Instance. — In a case
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The following reports were received in the Society office headquarters after the
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medicine. To no other profession has the access been so easy and unre-
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would inquire particularly regarding three things: (1) the occurrence
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There was no history of consumption in his parents, who are alive, nor
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composed of piLs cells, and gonoeocci in smears of the urethral secretion have
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10-grain doses every two or three hours. Mitchell, in The Edinburgh Med. Jour.,
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Paget that was as large as a man's chest. These examples of large
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cases are cited,* and we are promised further details in a system of Materia
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Philadelphia, Dr. Henri Leioir, of Lille, and Mr. Malcolm Mor-
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sion she had sharp pain in the left iliac region ; one year
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is less powerful ; larger doses are therefore required
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would result in untold harm to the community. More-
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and above the liver. This abscess contained nearly a pint of pus, and was situated
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The cases of cancer from which this paper was constructed were .500 of those
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results Avere obtained ; different substances were tried — among them
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