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of a pelvic tumor for more than fifteen months. {4) The

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reply to any question, and hardly to protrude his tongue, which was very furred.

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clergyman, the victim of tuberculosis, who lived in his tent all

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a generous and kindly physician, full of shrewd and good sense.

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be permitted also, perhaps, to lay before your readers the re-

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The dose is repeated twice daily until the condition of the patient indicates

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ments. The display of dental instruments, chairs, and other conveniences is

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tained. The onlyifkaof insanity accepted by the judges in

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tion of the lay term “shingles,” and the meaning of

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the irritation of fteces, and the patient placed in bed. At

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in bacteria-free cases, I have looked for it in cases in the bacterial

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first dry ; but by degrees crepitation replaces wheezing, and the eoogh

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Causet. — In considering the remote causes of typhus fever,

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not occur readily are such as have a special power of resistance

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lute anatomical differences : 1. By the arrangement of the tarsal bones.

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necropsy revealed no disease of the stomach beyond some slight congestion, but

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munication between the anterior cyst and the one ex-

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You departed the shelter of institutional medicine for

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administered with short- and long-acting nitrates, but there have

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Part III. The Central Nervous System. . Price $ 2.50 net.

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affinities, and (3) pathological effects, though artificial, serves the

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seen, now some years ago, vision had sunk to j^j in L. K

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9 P.M., no more haemorrhage had occurred; the rectum

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by an operation which, being subperiosteal, secured so rapid a union of bone that

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The meaning of the above phenomena can be understood by referring to the

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will be the resistance of the tissues. 3. loosening the hysterical obsession during

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the dangers of epidemic diseases the most dreaded in history.

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Mr. Jacobson, " What is it that is higher when the head