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The general condition of the patient suffering with habitual con-
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mities. M'alking is particularly improper when the thigh, leg, or foot is injured.
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have known a medical paretic recognize the disease in
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French authors. Originally described by Devergie, it is to Brocq,
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abolish or modify those local developments. Finally,
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or with the rectal mirror does not always suffice ; it is hence
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to its stimulant action on the heart and the rise of blood
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impossible ;" and that this is so because the lawyer and the physician
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palpebrarum, and may thus be associated with some disturbance of the
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France ; but it was not recognised in England till some four
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same result is produced by a lessening or abolition of
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neitner case could he get definite results. It appeared to him that the
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and infiltrated with leucocytes and syncytium. The external form of the
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medical men, that ruptured tubal pregnancy does not re-
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teeth ; that in order to effect this, he, among other things,
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Accad. di med. di Torino, 1891, 3. s., xxxix, 195-198. .
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of bone defects by implantation of dead and living bone. He founH that
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tion of Veit, he give.s the results of seventeen cases of
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the abdomen was extremely flabby, and there was marked splashing
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eventually healed up, and has entirely disappeared. Dur-
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by the Kegistrar-General affords the information necessary for a
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In the midst of this morbid complex one fact is, nevertheless, somewhat
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this affection is degenerative rather than inflamma-
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â– which were entirely unknown to the pathologists of the last generation.
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and penile portions of the urethra was a tight stricture.
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being taken as they came, with the exception of those hav-
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