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to the International Medical and Sanitary Congresses, at

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the "New York Medical Journal" for February 28, 1889, I

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bursse, the tendon-sheaths, and the tendons of the muscles are invaded in

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Third. The stage in which the capsular ligament is ruptured, the

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1854) 158 were males, 23 females; 153 affected the under, 22 the

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Wiesl)., 1892-3, xxvi, 218-225. — Bamloiiiii. Exnphta-

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upon pneumonia, but also upon neuralgic afiections.

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But while many patients with acne are ansemic or chlorotic, we also see

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done much to extend the reputation of Aiken as a sani-

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tinued for several weeks to be profuse enough to blacken the

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of some affections, especially aneurism and strangulated

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It is to be noted that information relative to ages is fairly reliable,

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prising all the various compounds and crude articles recommended by Dr. Samuel

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in a previous lecture. Finally he was sent home, and

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is free from these symptoms for some weeks. The least thing, he says,

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in the secretory cells of the kidneys and of the liver showed that the appendicitis of in-

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go hand-in-hand with tlie study of the functions of the

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Certain cells or groups of cells (according to Carpenter's theory)

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tion, it may be desirable to begin treatment with ,' n or i of a grain. In the

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There are undoubtedly some eases in which splenectomy is indicated

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diet and certain nutritive factors important in practical experience re-

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Entered at the Post Office in Minneapolis as second class mail matter. Accepted for mailing at the special rate of postage provided

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glands, when treatment is directed to tuberculous cervical glands.

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changed into stercorine, it is to be found in a crystalline form, as in the

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mucosa, at the points marked X. When drawn together

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regarded him from the beginning as the foremost man in

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may find partial contradictions to this sanguine belief, and may

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the act, as is well known, foreign bodies of large size are sometimes drawn

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the members of the University of Paris formed practically