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apparatus was applied, and the screws carefully adjusted. No
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Celli and Guarnieri proposed to stain the malarial blood by add-
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it can possibly be avoided, because I believe the tapping in this instance
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temporal, external and internal pterygoid, mylo-hyoid,and digastric muscles.
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Brown-S6quard has shown, that the view held by many physiologists, that the secretion of
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the date of publication. Order* for reprint* mutt be returned in
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ment of this class of growths without an operation. After alluding to
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specimen was a prolapsed bowel, the result of a neglected inguinal colostomy.
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either the physiological or therapeutical effects of hot-water
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course of an hour or two, symptoms of improvement ensue— such as moUt
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tion;" and " very old people, e.ff. above seventy years of age, arc not fit subjects
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membrane of the nose and pharynx may never give evidence of a false mem-
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Polygonacece) is astringent ; and is used in mucous dis-
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with five apparent crises, when the patient perspired and the
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Cases presenting the various problems in refraction are
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and greater curvature. We have in this condition an excessive
disease, so that the fluid originally contained in the ventricles accumu-
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shaken so violently as to cause suspension of its normal
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I have sometimes left surgical fields without dressing, pre-
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Also [Rev.], in: AUg. Wien. med. Ztg., 1891, xxxvi,
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transl. [Abstr.]: Centralbl. f. Bakteriol. [etc.], 1. Abt.,
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contains many of the “back of the house” departments
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Quarterly Journal for May, 1865, the particulars of Avhich I need not
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ences of other physicians, not from hearsay, but from knowledge obtained fix>m
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Marked benefit may be expected by beginning with the above formula and
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fumes are inhaled. Methods of prevention have been used, care of
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Molli^re describes a stricture of the rectum due to a
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*1911. Meigs, Edward Browning, A.B., M.D., Physiologist in the
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yearly subscription entitles their families to participate
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presence of an excess of calcium. The solution is neutralised with
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could find it but twice among 217 cases; Vesterdahl but once among
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are generally in the form of external crusts or shells, covered with
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president one who is a member ot a medical association which admits homoeopa-
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the midio-tarsal joint, and forcing it inward, elevat-
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Revived by artificial respiration and stimulation. Operation