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Doctors Building, Suite 704 Phone: 666-5451 (office)
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which unless so treated might soon become chronic or incurable.
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O.M. Croft, John, G, Mansfield Street, W. (C. 1870-2, V.P. 1882-4.)
can prednisone raise your blood sugar
247. On the Treatment and tbe Origin of Purulent Ophthalmia in Children. Mr. R.
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had been in the hospital years before for the treatment of
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(13) that part of Belfield's article which treats of the
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but there remained, however, some limitation of motion.
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roots which pass by the posterior fasciculi a short distance behind where the
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clin. d'ocul., Bordeaux, 1882, 'ii, 221; 2.38. . Les af-
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known as a surgeon and editor. He was born in Peru,