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evidences of some form of toxemia. It is set forth that for the proper

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[referred to at the Court-Martial; but such cases maybe regarded as of an

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peritonitis, and said Dr. McMurtry had added another

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day, for a while, in the form of pills. Very speedily the quantity of urine

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typical diphtheria bacilli, of which 0"9 per cent, had them in the nose,

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two short, slightly twisted tubules open. Fig. 14 presents also a relatively

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trition, it was for a week suspended and tonics only were

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addressed a circular to the proprietors of licensed asy-

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member of the Health Protective, it seems, when she sees an

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thing it is impossible for him to say. He is perfectly

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commenting upon its text. The work was divided into

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hemiplegia. The fact that the orbicular muscle of the eye is affected, as

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which spreads by the ring increasing in size, the skin becoming

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balsam. Neuroglia fibers blue, chromatin of neuroglia cell nuclei a purplish blue, pro-

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may appear thinned, while the measurement will show them to be in fcdfi^

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the left middle finger. By this time about one fifth of the contents

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generally accepted that all the cells capable of vital staining are histog-

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These hallucinations are non-delusional. Seems to have

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serving in that locality. Men will drink stimulants if they

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An insured person is not entitled to sanatorium benefit

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purpose you should, if possible, obtain permission to inspect the body

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element in the explanations of the pathology of epilepsy offered by Hughlings-

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mities. M'alking is particularly improper when the thigh, leg, or foot is injured.

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extirpated calculus. (III.) Reduced photograph of the same calculus.

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cases in which motion is limited by pain, as in sciatica

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exactly analogous to those found in the peripheral nerves in post-diph-

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twenty-four hours. After a time this was administered

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C.\SE III (Lee, 1880). — Synopsis. — Suppurative synovitis in ankle-joint of a scrofulous

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administered with short- and long-acting nitrates, but there have

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Asylums, and several others have been connected with such institutions;

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