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cases where the system is vitiated, yon have that degenerative

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tendency. 7 Sutherland and Walker 8 report interstitial nephritis in infants,

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Tlie time at my disposal will permit me only to give you

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available a sheet wet in dilute alcohol, plus the effects of a current

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Another of the advocates of the Kraske method is Dr. W. W.

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Officer, Worcestershire County, England. Jour. Royal

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Trusses in the Fifth Century. — Professor V. Deneffe, of

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admission of air, and pneumothorax. This is not a very frequent

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evil effects of such an existence. I have, many times, seen men come into the

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atrophy. De Rossi. 1 '-' on the other hand, offers evidence that not

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tion for death, and regard it as singular that such is not the case. When

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the only, sign of real disease is some limping or other

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Christmas time under the "Davis Plan" whereby employees donated to the

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the existence of the red blood corpuscle. Frerichs, therefore, agrees

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notches, analgesia may be produced in the whole of the

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and increased nutrition. Such was the benefit that she

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in the spinal cord, in the "lateral layer bounding the gray

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the warm bath, and after the patient has been put to bed, the assiduous

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parison of ammonia values and the "acidosis index" indicates the extent

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ver. Proc. N. York Patli. Soc. (1893). 1894, 10.— f.cva-

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upon the pulmonary mucous membrane, and by inducing internal conges-

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of the pustule becomes necrotic, and the lymphatic glands in

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cate structure in the whole body, and any departure from a

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gestion — causes, some of them, none the less important because they

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must attempt to vocalise the at, and he will find little difficulty in pre-

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of puerperal fever itself. The effused morbid matters in the one disease, as in the

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signed for the purpose of physical development and accustoming the

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under such conditions, for the delicate spinal substance,

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parts, a fact proved by direct experiment, as well as by innumerable in-

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the effort being made to select only those cases of which

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burtheo ; attended with severe pain at the time, and succeeded by lame-

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Ostein is the animal matter of bone. It differs in some chemical