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dark-coloured matter similar in appearance to coffee-grounds, which is
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2nd. — Chloroform was administered, and when its action
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for assistance that she makes these strus<2;les^
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furthermore it shows that in twenty-three of these cases tliere was no
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It is a land of sunshine. Experience will bear out this
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while the cheeks, angles of the mouth, orbits, alie nasi, and ears
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of surgery; and at that time I did not question the cor-
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Jackson, of Denver, and Dr. R. W. Miller, of Los Angeles,
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tially in great distension with partial rupture of the ligaments
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disease ; for the epidemic has often survived a severe winter
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of death, have often been observed with astonishment. So numerous and so
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amount of fat allowed was within the limit of a ketogenic-anti-
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most, and that from which it has slipped, the lowermost. The ligaments being put
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Professor Quincke considers that the term "diabetic coma," which was first
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zur Casuistik der JIagnetoperatiou. Beitr. z. Augenh.
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acid solution, and the nuclein solution should be combined
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At the meeting of German naturalists and physicians
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but otherAvise normal and freely movable. The adnexa
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morbi does exist in the blood. With respect to the nature of the morbid
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Dr. J. W. Irwin : It is a new measure that has done very good
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used, and the knee was found to be easy if at rest, but very painful when
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stomach in that it arises from the foregut. Its mucous lining
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bacillus of rabbit septicemia. Even the mouse has its speci-
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the examinei'S are rejected, and those left are allowed to pro-
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■will be found in the Comptes Renclus, JJune 25th. — Lancet, July 21, 1866.
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ured two weeks later. On admission, four weeks after last
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greatest interest in William's life seems to have been to teach.
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larity, bear less definite relation to the pulmonary disease than the fre-
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wrapped in a white cloak, tucked beneath a white blanket,
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found to have resulted from the action of the toxine.
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sive if we neglect to make the attempt to improve our posses-
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The continued hif^li death rate from gastro intestinal dis-
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the nutrition of the skin, and the influence of the nervous system in
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with the immersion lens in cedar oil without a cover-glass. The Giemsa stain (see
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killed ; the remaining animal was slaughtered healthy. On
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Wilder believed the fissure itself to persist in man also,
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It is to us quite inconceivable, that a practical man writing
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Lac. acid., HelL, Sulph., and Oxalate of cerium, but with no
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