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the mammary gland was confined to the mode of arrangement.
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substitutes for pure tannin. But vegetable Gland." This is the second occasion on
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recent and fossil, including Eozooii and receptaeulites.
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Cases 4 and 5. — Bertha, aged 9, and Bessie, aged 6, children of mill operative.
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10th, Carbon, in addition to its absorbent properties, appears to
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Young, D. S.: The need for reference materials and methods. Z_. Klin .
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Lorenz, and it is curious to note that the latter was at times able to
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the arch was the seat in 72, and the aorta below the arch in 71 cases. The
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I thrust the needle into the skin over the tumor so as to
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seconds. In some cases the lower branches of the uterine
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icterus is not so apt to occur. We occasionally find cases, how-
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the latter, a very large pericardial efi'asion, and also a cTouble pleuro-pneu-
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Drs. B. A. Segur, W. W. Reese, J. H. H. Burge, A. Hutchins, W. G.Russell.
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in the atmosphere just before and during an outbreak of puer-
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increased after operation, in one (Case 3) it was decreased.
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of risk dependent on the great variety of personal con-
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The College of Preceptors, by whom these examinations are conducted,
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is oiten a |)rol)K«m ealeulatcd to perplex a earefid diaij;no8-
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tendency to form groups, the individual lesions being more close-
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100°, it may reach 104° F., and in some instances there are repeated
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interest and I have been very much gratified in listening to the
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and making the most of his time, ** dum virent genua j" — .
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pain. The pulse is small ; the face is pale and covered with sweat ; the
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wines. The coal-tar dyes have largely replaced the vegetable and min-
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There was no perihepatitis. The spleen, uniformly enlarged,
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have led to the commission of the act without the stimulus of drink, it
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serving, an increase of pay is granted at the end of every period of
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ated gall-bladder, or where the common, cystic, or hepatic
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recognizable. The features, to use a French expression, are decomposed, and
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of the urine. A few drops of acetic acid are added and the urine
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joint secured by appropriate splints. In cases of this sort, angular ex-
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ordinary cases the temperature is normal, and the gastro-intestinal, renal,