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the object is to act on the system at large, or on some distant part, for
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which this conversion is incomplete ; and, as found in the shops, there is
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tained; but two instances of death, following its employment, brought it
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treme danger. Much are we indebted certainly to those who
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and skin, is an incontestable proof of their absorption ; and the strong
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the ancients. If it be an objection in the eyes of the women
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though they act upon the brain with an energy scarcely inferior to that
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M. Doehenne relates a case, in which a patient faiJitcd under the second
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concocta est, plus alat-" Farina when pure is very easy of
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occur, it will generally be found that the milk has too much
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mice, however, lived for the entire 14 day experimental period and
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Every tax upon a necessary of life is impolitic, in so far
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itBOviiijr deformity, before the muscles come onder the control of the
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tstringent properties, are almost always associated with a defective or
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his usual degree of lightness and activity. It allays irritabi-
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electrical states. In a country which is quite flat, as is the case
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r tfomaHMg, the medieine has been employed with supposed advaat-
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rant influence on the nervous centres, aDalogous to that of silver and
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would have rejoiced to see this day !), the fates will
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this disease, to abandon the measure if not attended with full reaction.
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from the seeds, and received the name of daluria. In its sensible, chem-
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uble preparations, as the powder of iron, or, if a soluble one is chosen,
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of Europe, it is now abundant in this country, in which it has become
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But the idiosyncrasy is not unfrequently also of such a nature as U\
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tivcly known, that it will not be worth while to burden the memory of
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smaller numbers of organisms caused increased mortality whether
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for a great length of time, by proper attention to the degree of impreg-
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the nervous system, that it is very difficult to determine how much value