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value to both children and adults troubled with the hooping cough. They relieve

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a nerve. 2. Inflammation of the lymphatics of a nerve.

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Dubini, of Milan, and which are probably epileptic in character (see * Lancet,'

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the face, the groins, the lower and foreparts of the thighs, the soles

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men to be injurious ; because by creating a perspiration they have a tendency to

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As regards the grey substance of the spinal cord no experiments

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" It is necessary (says Dr. Maudsley) to penetrate the individual

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removed for pathologic examination. The postoperative course

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tongue, sickness at the stomach, dizziness, loss of appetite, pain in the side, and

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From the following observations of Major Stokes, E.E., the

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considering that the individual fibres proceed from one or from

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cal cause than that expressed by the words accidental, fever^

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deviation of men from the paths of virtue than the natural desires within them.

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