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extremely low figure of 4.81 gm., while on February 27, two days after

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fore have in the French recruiting statistics an opportunity almost

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with slight temporary variations. In the later stages of the disease

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Physical Examination. — When transferred to the medical ward, the usual

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recurrences in the fifth year. Of the fifteen with definite record,

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responsible in other cases. Many of these factors might be grouped

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Internal piles are situated inside the anus, they are covered with

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sinuses about the size of a pencil, one from each side of the aorta,

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Pressure upon the veins in the neck may cause over-distention of the

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ganglion representing the posterior or sensitive root, while the spinal

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enlargement of the thyroid gland may be slight and that the symp-

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pyrrhol blue among the first of the successful vital stains. They are intimately

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exophthalmic goitre clearly show that there is a great increase in the

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ventricular orifice constitutes the most frequent of the conjoined

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Eosenfeld reports that one of his cases made the accidental obser-

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mating the frequency of the action of the heart by the pulse it is

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Physical examination showed his general condition to be good. He weighed

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181. Wolfler-. Entwickelung u. Bau des Kropfes, Langenbeck's Archiv, xxix.,

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tolic 165, diastolic 125 ; on the 14th, systolic 160, diastolic 105, and on the 22d,

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swelling of the eyelids which is seen in some cases is considered by

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The General Pathology of Nutrition. Dr. Mott .... 161

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opinion we agree, believing that in this manner, and because of the

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the end is not far off. In a general way it may be said that tricus-

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vation. Hence modern pathologists and clinicians prefer to say a

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It is evident from these tests that the acidosis found in diabetes

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may cause inequality of the pupils; usually the pupil of the affected

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turned to their normal condition. The thyroid gland which is to be

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movements of the heart. The patient may now no longer remain in

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hardly sufficiently detailed, though very striking.

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