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j:esoujrcesJoi^oc(ny2iitioil_and int_erest. There must be inducements
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fond of such as tended to illustrate and elucidate the principles of his
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heart as much as possible, and to use means to increase its efficiency. These
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Mrs. G. aged 26, applied to me about three months ago, suffer-
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"Preparedness," which Dr. Le Conte defines as, "To increase the
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to show that the great difference in this respect, as shown
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anterior half of squamous plate of the temporal bone, extending
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views which obtain among the several sanitary authorities who have added
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to prevent the patient's deglutition of solid food.
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(bacilli killed by 3 hours' exposure to 10> infusiou.
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and the upper third of the dorsal."* Dr. OUivier has also
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cological Society and the American Pediatric Society
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' When the workmen go to place the ihells in the trees, they cany
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with unsuccessful result) performed. Once on the middle of
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the Iron Cross for heroism in rescuing patients from
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who may be included in this conference include the stu-
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manoeuvred for a long time without causing the opacity to dis-
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sections of frozen bodies, the visceral spaces of the neck having been
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Ophthalmoscopic examination commonly shows slight pallor of the outer third
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tion. Chapman went so far as to draw up a table giving the exact duration
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This table simply shows the very large preponderance
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to the ivhole poison, than of sceptica;miii, a word which is somewhat indefinitely
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^rcumstances, may have concurred either to accelerate or produce a fatal
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tracted plane of the brim, and the bitemporal diameter has entered the
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its common principles, and quite incapable of discriminating the proper
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The present paper deals with certain factors underlying initiation
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the decrease. It need hardly be said that one such coincidence is insufficient
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conviction that it is not a crucial matter in any given case, permits
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Diting, headache, sore throat, and generally a rapid rise of
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Minister of Justice for the past year. On June 3d last
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times uniform, sometimes irregular, of a dull white, and marking the
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Looking back on the history, it is rather indefinite and one which
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and giant-cells will always be found at the periphery.
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hoped that such reliable information will be obtained
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annually by physicians to Florida, the Catskills, Carolina, Colorado,
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The little sufferer recites no symptoms, so we may leave our homeo-